Financial Information Booklet
A Summary of Personal and Financial Affairs

The Financial Information Notebook (FIN) is a document to help you keep a concise record of your personal affairs, financial information and other documents. It is categorized into three sections: 
Section 1 gives information which might be needed quickly: family contacts, doctors, key advisers, etc. 
Section 2 covers your financial affairs: assets, insurance policies, investment, pensions, mortgages and other liabilities. 
Section 3 covers other confidential information like your will, funeral arrangements, etc. 

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Please remember to forward this important booklet to your friends,

colleagues and family.

Post Car Accident Checklist - List of information that be collected at an accident scene

Since many records are now confidential under the law, you probably may not be able to get all the needed informations from DMV or Insurance Company. So be sure to get as much correct and detailed information at the accident scene. Below please find Post Car Accident Check List, refer Page 2 for a printable copy of the checklist that you can keep at your glove box. Knowing that you are taking the proper steps to protect yourself after an accident could help you be calm in an emergency situation.   

Please click on the PDF logo to download free copy of the Post Car Accident Checklist.

Please remember to forward this important booklet to your friends,

colleagues and family.

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